Thoughts on “Hearing Researchers: Why Do They Study Deaf People?”

This vlog raises some important points to keep in mind as we continue to navigate and challenge the current oppressive system. I applaud and hope more people will come out against the unbalanced way that we operate and talk about it despite how uncomfortable the topics may be to the people who are so ingrained within the  It has been founded upon the eugenics mentality and has a long history with majority culture trying to oppress, take from, destroy, gain from (this list can go on and on) from the Deaf community.  So many great points were brought up, one which was the natural perspective of having grown up Deaf and have been immersed with the Deaf community which would naturally gives a person who is Deaf a more complete and balanced vantage point for conducting research. We MUST have people who question and challenge the existing model–especially when it comes back to the preservation and continued success for the Deaf community and culture. Just because things are the way they are doesn’t mean they are the way they should always be.

McCullough, C. (2007, September 23). Hearing Researchers: Why Do They Study Deaf People? ASC on the Couch. Retrieved September 23, 2007, from

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