In response to vlog.. “Is “hearing” a negative word?…

Thought provoking vlog, thanks for sharing! Being a coda myself I completely understand Deaf culture as it has been passed down through my own parents, and even with this experience, I could never say that I have ever lived the experiences of a Deaf person. I have seen first hand what my parents have gone through, how oppression and audism has had an affect on my family dynamics, and of course on me and my brothers and sisters. I can completely understand, and yet, I still can hear and experience the daily privileges of being hearing in our society.  I could never discount the experiences of a Deaf person by saying that I understood what it means to be Deaf exactly as they did… I am not d/Deaf and haven’t lived the experiences…period.I have privileges that are given to me because I can hear (wanted or not), just as white people have privileges (wanted or not) because of their skin color. Recognizing this is the first step to social change, by people in majority groups accepting their privilege, then pushing back against it and exposing it when it happens.We aren’t teaching people enough about social justice dynamics in the field and this is the result…misunderstood guilt and a cultural identity that is wrongly attributed. Reminds me of an article I just read……/4-ways-push-back…/

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