Collaboration and Interdependence in Teaming

Collaboration & Interdependence
Each teaming experience contains two main components which are:

1) Team members are committed to working together to achieve the goal of a successful interpretation and talking through how that best can be accomplished, which requires openness and risk-taking by both interpreters, and also requires ongoing review.

2) Requires team members to have the necessary interpreting and team interpreting competencies in order to work independently as well as dependently, in order to rely on each other when necessary.


Collaboration means to work together to achieve a common goal.

Interdependence means to work both independently and dependently to ensure the message is being successfully interpreted. Both interpreters should have the necessary competencies to complete the interpreting tasks independently, but should be able to depend on each others skills, knowledge, or expertise when necessary.

Information from Team Interpreting As Collaboration and Interdependence By: Jack Hoza

Thought Questions:

1) Which of the views of team interpreting discussed here-team interpreting as an independent process, a monitoring process, or a collaborative and interdependent process-do you believe best represents the interpreting field’s overall view of team interpreting? Explain.

2) Give (a) an example of when a team is collaborating and (b) an example of when a team is working interdependently (as opposed to working independently and dependently).

3) What are the greatest obstacles to working collaboratively and interdependently? And what can interpreters do to overcome these obstacles?

Information from Team Interpreting As Collaboration and Interdependence By: Jack Hoza

2 thoughts on “Collaboration and Interdependence in Teaming

  1. Hey Sarah!
    I just want to say that I am thoroughly impressed with this blog. I will be furthering my research on your blog. Also, you have impeccable diction while speaking. In addition, I would love to pick your brain because I when you came to Glenda’s class, I learned that you were in the Army. There are a copious amount of questions that I want to ask you not only about the profession but also about transitioning from military lifestyle to civilian and how it impacted your connection with the Deaf community.
    -Michael King

    1. Absolutely Michael..would love to answer any questions you have. Just e-mail me and lets set up a time to chat over coffee in the next few weeks.

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